Mortgage Credit News – December 18, 2009

Long-term rates are falling, a brief bout of economic optimism now replaced by renewed “Who knows?” Mortgages are 5-ish (might find a 4-prefix in your stocking) and the 10-year T-note is trying to head back under 3.50%. The optimism crested with a surge in Producer Prices (core up .5% in November), and industrial production better […]

Mortgage Credit News – December 11, 2009

Long-term Treasury yields pierced the post-August high, 3.50%, trading today at 3.57%, but did little damage to mortgage rates still holding close to 5.00%. The proximate causes of the rise: another huge week of Treasury borrowing finally ran into resistance (another $1.4 trillion coming in 2010, so why hurry to buy the paper?), and some […]

Mortgage Credit News – December 4, 2009

Mortgage and long Treasury rates are rising toward four-month highs this morning (5.25% and 3.49%) on a happy surprise in the job market. The monthly survey of big business “non-farm payrolls” found an end to job losses, and got some confirmation from an abrupt drop in the last two weeks’ claims for unemployment insurance. Other […]